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There are now 57 million Americans in the freelance economy enjoying the freedom and flexibility of self-employment. The trade-off is that we are spending nearly half of our time on administrative tasks and generating new work. SoleVenture is here to help you manage your back-office so that you can grow your business. Using cryptocurrencies will help businesses to execute international transactions faster. Taking the right actions at the right time can fetch traders good profits from crypto trading. Bitcoin robots like the Libra Profit System can help traders to take instant actions. Take the Libra Profit System testto learn more about the platform.

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Do you enjoy flexible hours? Does the worry of finding work and accessing benefits stop you from working for yourself?

You’re not alone. SoleVenture supports you on the journey of self-employment.

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SoleVenture supports independent professionals from formation to growth. Gain access to powerful cashflow and tax savings tools, portable benefits, and a network to fuel your business. Get ready to employ yourself!

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The infrastructure you need to build and grow a business from formation, tax setup and invoicing, to the personal benefits of traditional employment — including referrals, cashflow management, health, dental, vision, and limited medical plans.

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Business Setup
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