Terms of Use

Updated: June 1, 2020

These Terms of Use (the “Terms”) apply to your use of SoleVenture, Inc. (referred to as “SoleVenture,” “we,” and “our”), and include your use of all of SoleVenture’s products, services, applications, websites, and software (the “Services”). When you create a user account or access any of the Services, you are agreeing to the Terms and agree to be bound by them. We ask that you please read and fully understand the Terms before accessing and utilizing the Services.

SoleVenture’s Services

SoleVenture is a single platform designed to manage and address all of a freelancer’s administrative needs. SoleVenture automates business formation, invoicing, access to portable benefits, tax and cashflow management, and finding work. SoleVenture is used by freelance professionals, as well as other individuals, associations, organizations, and entities. SoleVenture’s primary uses are to be able to manage administrative tasks; generate and receive referrals; learn about current and future Services; and connect with third party providers for the purposes of accessing benefits products.

Your Commitment to SoleVenture’s Community Standards

As described above, people may use SoleVenture for a number of reasons. To make sure the community is a safe and productive place for our users to accomplish their goals and access the Services, we have some mandatory standards.

SoleVenture has a few ground rules for users establishing an account or otherwise using the Services. First, in order to access and use the Services, you agree that you are over 16 years old and that you are not prohibited from engaging in the Services under applicable laws. Second, you must not have had your account or access previously disabled by SoleVenture for violating our policies and these Terms. Third, you agree that you are creating an account and/or using the Services for their intended purposes.

Once you have created an account, you further agree that you will not engage in any of the following conduct while using the Services:

You will not impersonate others or provide inaccurate information. You will not create an account on someone else’s behalf unless you have their express permission. You will not violate these Terms or encourage others to violate these Terms. You will not engage in behavior or conduct to interfere with the intended use of the Services. You will not do anything unlawful or fraudulent. You will not misrepresent yourself, your skills, your background, or your credentials. You cannot use a domain name or URL in your username without our written consent. You will not engage in activities that violate someone else’s rights, including intellectual property rights. You will not use false or misleading information to conduct business and obtain referrals or connections. You will not sell products or services that are unrelated to your business. In the event that you are using the Services and you encounter content or information that is inaccurate, offensive, illegal, misleading, or otherwise prohibited by these Terms, we ask that you please contact us at https://soleventure.com/contact or [email protected].

Permissions You Grant to SoleVenture

In order for SoleVenture to provide the Services, you agree that you grant to SoleVenture a license to use the information you provide to us. By using the Services, you also agree that we can download and install updates to the Services on your device when necessary.

Account Suspension or Termination

Your failure to abide by these Terms may result in the immediate suspension or termination of your account or access to the Services. SoleVenture may refuse, limit, or suspend your access to the Services at any time, with or without notice, in our sole discretion. We also may modify, suspend, or terminate the Services at any time, with or without notice. You agree that SoleVenture is not liable to you or any third party for any changes, suspensions, or terminations of your access to the Services or to the Services themselves.

Updating our Terms We may change our Services and these Terms from time to time. Whenever possible, we will notify you in advance before making changes to these Terms and give you the opportunity to review them before they take effect. If you continue to use the Services, you are bound by the updated Terms. If you would like to delete your account as a result of changes to these Terms, please contact us at https://soleventure.com/contact or [email protected].

Limits on Using SoleVenture’s Intellectual Property

SoleVenture reserves all of its intellectual property rights in the Services. You agree that the Services and all content, interfaces, video, audio, graphics, and software used in conjunction with the Services are proprietary information that is owned by SoleVenture and is protected by applicable intellectual property laws, including but not limited to trademark and copyright laws. You agree you will not use SoleVenture’s proprietary information in any way except for your use of the Services in compliance with these Terms. No portion of the Services may be copied, decompiled, reverse engineered, or otherwise reproduced accept as permitted by the Terms.

SoleVenture’s name, trademark, service mark, and logo are trademarks and property of SoleVenture. You are granted no right or license with respect to these trademarks, and you agree not to reproduce or display the SoleVenture trademarks in any manner without SoleVenture’s permission.

Certain content and links within the Services may be provided by third parties. Any publication or re-distribution of this content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of the applicable rights-holders. SoleVenture is not liable for any errors in content or for any actions taken by you or others in reliance on third party content. Please consult the websites of applicable third parties to review their Terms of Use and other applicable policies.

Warranty Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability

We work hard to keep the Services functioning properly in a safe and secure environment. However, we cannot guarantee the continuous access and operation of our services and we therefore expressly exclude SoleVenture from any liability and responsibility for any damage or loss that your computer or any system incurs as a result of accessing the Services through downloads or otherwise. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that your access to the Services is at your own risk and that the Services provided are made available to you on an “as available” or “as is” basis. Neither SoleVenture nor any of its officers, directors, shareholders, and employees warrant that the Services will be uninterrupted or free from error.

Further, to the extent allowed by law, SoleVenture disclaims all implied warranties and representations, including the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of data, and noninfringement. Moreover, we make no warranties regarding the fitness, credentials, background, or suitability of any other third party providers or SoleVenture users that you engage, solicit, connect with, refer business to, obtain business from, or communicate with while using the Services. You are solely responsible for verifying the backgrounds, references, and credentials of any third party or user you engage, solicit, connect with, refer business to, obtain business from, or communicate with. SoleVenture is not be responsible for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages, or any loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits, or revenue related to the Services. In no event shall SoleVenture’s liability exceed, in the aggregate for all claims, an amount that is the lesser of 4 times the most recent monthly fee you paid for membership services or $1,000.

SoleVenture’s limitations of liability apply to all claims of liability, except where expressly prohibited by law.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless SoleVenture, its officers, directors, employees, and shareholders, from and against any and all claims, losses, expenses, damages, obligations, liabilities, and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from or related to: (1) your use of the Services; (2) your violation or breach of any of these Terms; and/or (3) your violation of the rights of any SoleVenture user or third party, including, but not limited to any intellectual property, copyright, or privacy right. These obligations survive the termination of your use of the Services. SoleVenture reserves the right to take over the exclusive defense of any claim for which we are entitled to indemnification; however, you are still responsible for paying all fees and costs for such defense and will cooperate with SoleVenture upon reasonable request.

Additional Provisions

Should any or part of this Agreement be declared unenforceable or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction or applicable law, the part that is not affected shall remain binding and applicable to the parties.

If SoleVenture does not enforce a breach of a Term or Terms, that is not a waiver of SoleVenture’s right to enforce the Term or Terms thereafter.

You may not assign your membership or use of the Services without SoleVenture’s consent.

Contacting Us

Please contact us with your questions or inquiries regarding the Terms at https://soleventure.com/contact or [email protected].

Thank you for being a part of the SoleVenture community.