Style Guide

Colors, typography, customer logos and more. Here’s how you use it all.


The logomark was optimized to be bolder and sleeker - opting to use a a heavier weight in the icon juxtapozed on top of the new primary brand color, blue. To help readability at all device/print sizes, the tagline was removed. The simpler logo should serve to be more instantly recognizable and readable.

Full Color Logo

Describing SoleVenture


SoleVenture’s mission is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in a changing workforce by giving small business owners and the gig economy the security of steady income and traditional benefits.


A platform for freelancers seeking to join a leading network, gain new clients, and access portable health insurance and traditional benefits.


A new color palette was chosen to help solidify the brand values.

To help build a foundation for the UI, colors were split into 3 utilities:

  • Base
  • Primary
  • Secondary

Base colors should be used for neutral elements and help shape the foundation of the interface.

Base Dark
Base Medium
Base Alt
Base Light
Base Lightest

Primary and Secondary colors help express intent and state and should be used when an element should convey or point to an action.

Primary Dark
Beige Dark


New typefaces were chosen to help create a sharper contrast between text elements.

The large serif headers help convey a sense of stability to users, while the swiss-inspired geometric sans in the body help make the interface feel modern, yet usable.

Titles - Ibarra Real Nova

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6
Body/Main Text - Proxima Nova

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