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5 Shocking Myth Busters About Freelancers

Apr 6, 2021 12:08:42 PM / by SoleVenture

  1. Most freelancers are gig workers. Busted! The most common type of freelance work is in skilled services. A whopping 45% of freelancers provide programming, marketing, and other consulting services.
  2. Most freelancers lost work and income during the pandemic. Busted! Around 33% of freelancers worldwide had their working hours reduced due to Covid-19, but 75% of freelancers claim that their wages remain stable during the pandemic. Unfortunately, many US freelancers that lost wages struggled to access PPP loans.
  3. Freelancers would prefer full-time employment. Busted! 61% of freelancers prefer freelancing over traditional work. They cite flexibility, the opportunity to earn more, and work/life balance as the top three reasons to freelance.
  4. Freelance marketplaces are the most common way to find work. Busted! Most freelancers depend on their connections and networking to find new clients. However, the majority of freelancers also use internet platforms to find supplemental work.
  5. Only large companies engage freelancers. Busted!  Almost half of all US businesses hire freelancers, and 70% of small businesses work with freelancers!




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Written by SoleVenture