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How to Find Self-Employed Health Insurance

Jul 10, 2020 6:39:42 PM / by Elisabeth Sinclair

For many people in the United States, access to healthcare is contingent on their employment status. The changing nature of work over the past few decades, and particularly over the past few months, has revealed the shortcomings of the employer-based health insurance system.

The rise of the “independent contractor” in the modern workplace has left many workers without access to benefits that would otherwise have been awarded to full-time employees. Compounded with record unemployment brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are looking for alternative ways to access healthcare.

One alternative pathway is COBRA, which allows an employee to maintain their group healthcare coverage after an event that would otherwise make them ineligible, like getting laid-off, for example. However, under COBRA, the former employee would be required to pay the healthcare premium. This can make COBRA coverage cost prohibitive to many individuals.

Another alternative is to sign up for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or your state’s special enrollment. There are several obstacles to this pathway as well. There is a limited window of opportunity to take advantage of these options, in most cases, a person has 60 days from when they lose coverage to find a new plan. Additionally, the process of applying can be complicated and the results, disappointing.

Finding necessary health insurance should not be a discouraging or burdensome experience. SoleVenture aims to provide a better way for independent contractors, freelancers, and others to find access to quality benefits. After taking a brief quiz to determine what you are looking for in a health insurance plan, SoleVenture connects you with an advisor that helps you find a plan to fit your needs.

In a time when unemployment is incredibly high and the need for access to healthcare is even higher, it is important to be able to find benefits without unnecessary obstacles and at a price point that works for you. SoleVenture gives you the tools to find a plan that fits your needs.

Written by Elisabeth Sinclair